Ever since I developed a skincare regimen for myself and saw what a difference it made, I've been addicted to anything that will help improve the look and feel of my skin. Luckily for me (and all of you skincare addicts out there!), Vanity Planet has a great face + body cleansing brush, the Spin for Perfect Skin

With four interchangeable heads, this brush gently buffs away dead skin cells and leftover dirt and grime to give your skin a smooth, glowing appearance. I usually just run the brush under water before applying a pump of my everyday cleanser or exfoliator.

In addition to two face brushes (one for cleansing, one for exfoliating), it also comes with a body brush and a pumice stone--so you can have perfect skin from head to toe!  

Although this brush is usually $99.99, I've partnered with Vanity Planet to get my followers 70% off with my code "CDSPIN"!