After three months of late nights, dreary mornings and wet cross-campus/city treks to class, we've finally reached that time of year again... Spring break! Whether you're jetting off to a tropical paradise, heading home or staying put for the week, here are a few essentials everyone needs for a great mini-vacay.

  1. Will you be swimming at your neighborhood pool or taking a dip in Cancún? Either way, you'll want a cute swimsuit. (Iya Australia / top $70, bottom $50)
  2. Never mind spring break--a good pair of earphones is always essential. (Sudio / $60)
  3. Whether you're exploring the city or lounging by the beach, you'll need a tote that you can throw all of your necessities in. (Street Level / $48)
  4. So you finally have some time to relax... what's more relaxing than getting lost in a good book? (Girl Boss / $16)
  5. Just because you're on a break doesn't mean you should stop smelling good. It's never a bad idea to toss a rollerball perfume into that tote of yours. (Elizabeth and James Nirvana White / $22)
  6. Protect your eyes from sun rays and beach spray with a cute pair of sunglasses! (RetroSuperFuture / $209)
  7. Whether you're aiming for a clearer complexion, counting your calories or fighting a hangover, staying hydrated is always key. Try to reduce waste by carrying a reusable bottle. (bkr / $30)
  8. A foolproof way to save your phone from your not-so-graceful spring break moments is to invest in a waterproof phone case. Besides from making your phone water/scratch-resistant, these bad boys allow you to take those cute underwater Instagram pics. (Lifeproof / $60)
  9. Every spring breaker needs a pair of comfortable sandals. (Birkenstock / $89)
  10. Nobody wants wrinkles or sunspots. Unfortunately, many people (myself included) often skip applying sunscreen in the morning, making us susceptible to both. Make sure you protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays while you're working on that spring break tan! (Shiseido / $36)
  11. If you're like me, you don't want to spend your time applying a layer of foundation every morning while you're on vacation--especially if you know you're just going to sweat if off by the pool later! Protect your face and let that fresh tan shine through with something sheer like a BB cream with SPF

Hope you all have a great one! xx,

What your spring break might look like: